Allowing Nature to Take the Driver’s Seat

We can’t deny the fact, nature knows what it is doing. Just try to observe things around you. Ants are a great example where nature is trying to do its thing. They surely do a great job. An ant has a role to play in the overall scheme of things. Each one of them know what they supposed to do. Ants are able to work without having to be told so. Ants don’t suffer from midlife crisis or question if they are doing the right thing. Crisis in life is something humans have to dodge every day in their lives. Before things got complicated, we knew what we have to do. Our modern lives have made things complicated. We may engage in endless debates. We can engage in endless debate about why Eve did the thing she was not supposed to do. We are in this rut because we refused to listen to nature any more.

Surely, this idea is something we can impress to any aspect of our life. But we need to have a closer look on its effect to our health. Our body works autonomously. Our ability to breathe is completely independent and something we need not to tell the body to do so. In a way, nature has a hold over them and our lives that way. We have tried to dictate what our bodies should be doing, and we have failed miserably.

We have to accept the fact we have become much unhealthier today than ever. It is a mystery since medicine is supposed to be better today than in the past. Many of us are dying young. The thing is preventable death or diseases are on the rise like obesity. So, why aren’t we solving these problems? Perhaps, we need to look at how we are treating nature. We are trying to override nature and try to go away from the dictates of nature. We need to go back to the fact there is a link between mind and body. We have yet to figure things out if we are doing the right thing. Results we see on our body is something we are not happy about.

We refuse to heed nature and just do what we want to do. We don’t let our bodies have a say on our health. We go on a diet, not because it is good for the body, but because they sound a nice idea. This is the reason why we are not able to hit our fitness goals. It is not only we fail when we engage in a diet, we push ourselves to exercise more to the point of risks. The body will tell you if it had enough.

Stop the problem by listening back to nature by doing nothing. Let nature take its course. You need not to make a decision to go on a diet or if your body needs weight loss cleanse, the body will tell you so.

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