Check Your Sperm Count with an App There is a new technology when it comes to sperm count and it is used to identify if the swimmers are ready for the babymaking process. The application is mainly used by men who have been trying to get kids without success. As the female counterpart in the relationship you may have tried using the ovulation predictors and you have not conceived yet. Your partner may also have bought a sperm count kit to try and see if they will be successful. The sperm kit identifies the number of sperms you have and how they flow. This have changed recently because the FDA approved a sperm count test using the smartphone. The application not only counts the number of sperms but it also sees how they swim. With this mobile application, the man can be able to monitor their sperms at the comfort of their homes. The smartphone application known as the Yo sperm test uses a mini-clip scope which is inserted on top of the user’s phone. This allows the mini-scope clip to access the light of your phone where it focuses and records the capabilities. After you have prepared your sample and you have stuck it on the clip and inserted it on the phone you will start seeing how the sperm is moving on your phone’s screen. After a few minutes the results will be ready and as you wait for the app will be providing you with some cheeky sperm trivia that will lighten the mood. The video obtained and the results are recorded on the phone via the application. The Yo home sperm test application have received extensive testing for the last four years. The application gives you a chance to read your sperm count accurately and for you to get actual results you should follow the instructions carefully. You will receive 97% accurate results and this will only mean that it is very accurate. This is an over the counter products. Based on the WHO, the application will show you your sperm mobility and concentration although it will not give you the accurate results. With the test you will receive composite results of two parameters one being the sperm count and the other one is sperm moving.
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There are some cases that have been reported to be normal or moderate instead of giving actual low results. The reason behind this is that the Yo sperm count kit application contains two tests. Based on different factors the sperm count changes that is why the two tests must be conducted. The second test can be done in a weeks time or after two weeks. The application gives the user or a physician a source of reference and where they can get more information.What Research About Applications Can Teach You