Side effects of Rabies Vaccines for Pets

Rabies is one of the deadliest viral diseases that can infect animals and humans. Once the infection starts manifesting in animals or humans, it is irreversible and fatal. Starting as a mild flu-like symptoms, the condition can turn into neurological dysfunction. And once the disease becomes an active infection, it can’t be treated with medications.

The risk of rabies is so high that pet owners are required to get their pets vaccinated for rabies by the law in many countries.

So what is in a rabies vaccine for pets and what possible side-effects it can cause to them? Let’s find it out.

A rabies vaccine has a dead form of the virus that is injected into the pet. Professional vets like those from Virginia Beach animal hospital administer the vaccination on pets. Since the virus is dead and inactive, the pets can’t catch the virus through the vaccine. When the vaccine is injected into the body, the body’s immune system is triggered to produce antibodies for the virus. In case of pets ever get attacked by active rabies virus, antibodies formed inside their bodies will fight off and kill it.

Rabies vaccinations are effective in preventing the spread of rabies. However, in rare cases, pets can suffer mild to severe side effects of the vaccine.

Here is a list of some come side-effects of rabies vaccination in pets.

#1 Swelling and Mild Fever

Since vaccines are administered through injections, it may cause the muscle to swell around the area where the needle was stuck. However, the discomfort and swelling are only temporary.

Besides this, some pets may get a fever as a side effect of the vaccine. The fever is actually caused when the body’s immune-response system sets off to fight the virus.

#2 Loss of Appetite

When antibodies are at work, the body’s function slows down. This is the reason why some pet loss appetite after getting the vaccine shot. However, it’s just a temporary thing.

While the antibodies “get to work,” the body slows down other functions, including the appetite. This is temporary.

#3 Lethargy

Have you wondered why your pet gets drowsy or falls asleep on the ride back home after vaccination? It’s due to the vaccine. Drowsiness is also a temporary side effect of the vaccine with no known harm.

#4 Flu

Sometimes, pets may get flu-like symptoms as the side-effects of the vaccine. If your pet has a runny nose, mild cough, or flu after getting vaccinated, don’t worry as these symptoms will vanish in 5-7 days.

#5 Lump under the skin

Little swelling where the injection has been put is normal in pets and shouldn’t be worried about. However, if you see facial swelling, or swelling on their neck or eyes, you should bring them to the Virginia Beach vet hospital.

#6 Vomiting

Vomiting is another rabies vaccine side-effect which should not be ignored. If your pet’s vomiting is frequent, see a vet immediately.

#7 Itching

Itchiness is one of the side-effects of rabies vaccine that requires medical attention. In rare cases of vaccine side effects, your pet may develop hives in their skin, which can cause them uncomfortable itch.