How Nursing Scrubs Have Become More Comfortable and Attractive

Nursing scrubs are available in many colors and designs In addition, these scrubs can also be made for plus-sized people. They are available in sizes up to 5XL. Why limit yourself to scrubs that only have one color when you can have ones that have fun and colorful designs? For example, in any size, you can have a scrub suit in blue with leaf or flower prints. There are many more design combinations to choose from and all of them are very comfortable to wear.

Speaking of design, a plus-sized scrub with a v-neck is very popular. This kind of nursing scrub often comes with three useful pockets. Unisex scrubs often come with matching pants that are either gartered or draw string. Likewise, these pants can be as large as 5XL.

Moving on, there are nursing scrubs designed with keyhole neck. Similarly, they also come in various prints or patterns. In terms of prints, one can have a scrub with either floral print or guardian angels or whatever print he or she likes. And there is more, as scrubs can come with quarter-length sleeves. There are a lot of attractive designs available but most important of all is that a scrub should retain its colors and prints wash after wash. Businesses that sell nursing scrubs should sell only those that will retain its color or design after a lot of washes.
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Next, when shopping for nursing scrubs, you also need to check how it would complement your body shape. For example, if you have wide hips or things, you can go with the A-line types. Furthermore, those with big bellies or too broad shoulders can find a certain style that would suit them well.
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There are also scrubs that make use of stretch technology. Many brands have added this technology to their nursing scrub line. One of the popular brands is WonderWink. Currently WonderWink scrubs have to stretch collections. One of which is the WonderFLEX collection which features high end stretch components and premium detailing. The other collection is the Four-Stretch collection, which uses a spandex-free and 100% polyester fabric that goes with every bodily movements. This collections features double stitches for better durability.

There is another brand and it is Jockey. This on the other hand includes 7 percent Spandex, which gives their scrubs comfort and lasting durability. There are many other brands that have stretchable scrubs. Best of all, 5XL sizes are available.

This scrubs have many benefits to the wearer. Regardless of how big or small, these scrubs go with your movements so you can very comfortable in it. Moreover, these scrubs needs little care. With these scrubs you are free to move even in the most hectic schedule. Also, they will look mint even after being washed so many times.