4 Signs Your Date May Have Mental Health Issues

It may be difficult to recognize signs of mental health illness in your partner. As a man, you may be skeptical about believing in the symptoms even if you recognize them.

This is because you are trying to be positive even when all the signs you see are negative. There are many people like you. You can find out more about how they go about this challenge from mental health reviews on Collected.Reviews.

There are many reviews of dating sites, and one unpredictable thing is the mental health status of your date. Many have lived years without seeking or consulting a medical practitioner for help. They think they have it under control, but they could be so strained, they just spiral out of control. However, to identify symptoms of mental health issues in your female partner, be on the lookout for the following:

1.   Mood Swings:

Don’t think women only have mood swings during their time of menstruation. There are times they can’t explain the fluctuations in their mood or behavior. There are times they express features of depression, pour out excessive energy, and sometimes, they lack emotions. Sometimes, they feel guilty excessively, or experience shame, fear, and anger more than usual. There are times they even feel great happiness only to switch to the opposite in a matter of seconds. It can be difficult functioning with life. This is why mental health cases have increased incredibly. Thus, when you note these mood swings in your partner, there is a possibility of rising or pre-existing mental health issues.

2.   Cognitive Deficiencies:

This isn’t limited to loss of focus or concentration. Cognitive deficiency extends to problems associated with memory loss. It even extends to spelling confusions sometimes. When she finds it hard to wrap her head around a word, to recollect a favorite memory; if you think this re-occur more often than it should, know that it could be a symptom of mental health distress.

3.   Uncharacteristic and Risky Behaviors:

This includes participating in risky sexual behaviors, hard drug experimentation, taking alcohol, spending a huge amount of money on expenses that may not be accounted for, and a few other symptoms. You can also consider diagnoses such as PTSD or depression.

4.   Your Girlfriend Breaks into Reality:

This is typical of psychotic disorders. If your girlfriend has extreme paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, or a seldom feeling of detachment from the world, it could be a heads-up sign of her dwindling mental health state.

5.   You can Help:

  • Reach out to centers for women’s care and get help on her behalf. You will find professionals in such places who can attend to her and offer adequate recovery programs.
  • Try therapy. There are various therapies that she can undergo. She can start with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) if it’s deemed fit.
  • Remember the signs she exhibits and learn if her mental health state can be treated or managed.

Through these tips, you can identify mental health issues of your date and also reach out for medical assistance on her behalf.