Amber Necklace is useful for relieving Teething

14-month-old babies have never played drama as people say. He would almost not be fond of various kinds of a teether, including teether Sophie the Giraffe, the idol of all the children. Until finally I tried to release Amber Necklacanya for 3 days.

but what happened? He returned to drooling badly like before using the amber teething necklace. It continues to be my hobby, starting to bite my hands, fingers, shoulders.

Amber necklace is indeed believed to relieve symptoms of teething in infants, such as drolling pain in mild fever gums. Amber necklace beads are made from Baltic Amber, which is resin from the tree trunk. The shapes and colors vary, mostly in yellow to brown hues. The wearer is not only the babies who are teething but actually are used first with adults in various forms, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and others. It’s unique in color and shape.

What makes Amber Necklace can relieve symptoms of teething in babies?

Baltic Amber contains succinic acid, which is a compound that can cure inflammation and other minor aches in the body. When Amber beads are exposed to heat from the temperature of the human body, she will release the healing oil that the body will absorb into the bloodstream. Here are some explanations for the efficacy of Amber Necklace:

  • Anti-inflammatory substances in Amber necklace will reduce the swelling that causes the gums to hurt and red cheeks.
    • Amber necklace maintains acid balance in the body.
    • Amber necklace also has calming properties, reduces negative energy and stress. So it can make the baby more settled and sleep well.
    • Amber necklace stimulates the thyroid gland to reduce excessive drooling
    • Amber necklace can also improve the body’s immune system, especially for diseases of the skin, ears, throat, and stomach.