Faithful Counseling – Their goal and methodologies for providing online counseling

Did you recently come across the ad for a counseling service called Faithful Counseling? If you haven’t, we’re here to help you with some details on how they offer you an online service on counseling by different expert and Christian-backed counselors. They have adopted a different take on standard online therapy as it backs on the belief system of the client in offering counseling and life advice. When you seek help of Faithful Counseling, you’re no longer needed to suppress the belief system for any other form of secular therapy. The biggest company of online therapy in the world, BetterHelp owns Faithful Counseling and they have already helped thousands of people.

Faithful Counseling – Who can reap benefits from them?

If you’re someone who is not concerned about religious beliefs, you can easily sign up with BetterHelp which is the most famous online therapy service. But on the other hand, in case spirituality, religion and faith are vital for you, Faithful Counseling is the only alternative for you. In case you’re a Christian, you may choose a counselor who believes in the teachings of Christ to refer to counseling. While you can follow your faith, you can still get help from your counselor.

Faithful Counseling – How do they work?

Whenever you sign up for Faithful Counseling, you will be taken for a short survey. After this survey, this lets you match with the best therapist who can take care of your needs. For instance, if you’re dealing with anxiety and depression, they can match you along with a therapist who should be specializing in the field of anxiety and depression. Once you log in to their website, you will be able to text, chat and also video call with the counselor.

Faithful Counseling – How much it costs?

Faithful Counseling begins at $35 dollars in a week. The price perspective of the service is way below the basic therapy and this can cost you dollars per session. This is one of the best benefits which you can get over standard therapy. You can check with the therapist everyday to stay on the right track as long as dealing with a definite issue is concerned like alcoholism or depression.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which Faithful Counseling can help you, you can check out the page on to know more on their services and how they help you regain your mental peace.