Getting Through Menopause a Lot Easier

I knew that women who go through menopause do not have a great time of it. I was not looking forward to it especially after seeing how my two older sisters handled it. They both had frequent hot flashes that made them feel really weak and tired, not to mention hot! If this was just now and again, it would have been handled better. However, it was constant, and it lasted throughout their entire time of menopause. I decided to see if I could find some help, which is how I discovered Vitex menopause relief.

This is a natural supplement that is created from chaste berries, and it has shown to have remarkable results not only with women going through menopause but women experiencing other female related issues too. The Vitex supplement is really good at handling the symptoms of PMS, and it can help a woman who is having difficulty with her menstrual cycle too. It even helps women who are having fertility issues. Granted, it is not going to have the same effect on every single woman, but I was bound and determined to try it myself to see if it would help me with my menopause issues.

I had already experienced some hot flashes as well as spells of being extremely irritable. I knew that it was just hormones causing this to happen, so I was happy to have something to try to at least combat it. I read everything I could on it, and my doctor told me that it was safe for me to take. I started taking the pills the day they were delivered, and I wish I could say they worked instantly. I was realistic though, knowing they could take a while to actually kick in. They did start working faster than I thought though, and these pills have really helped me get through menopause a lot easier!