Overcome the problem of yellow teeth to smile more beautiful

A smile makes the person and the people around him or her feel better. It can lead to feelings of happiness, joy and amusement. If you smile on purpose, then it can change your brain chemistry. However, it is hard to smile with yellow teeth.

Some people are unwilling to smile when they are uncomfortable with their appearance. Read on to find out how to get rid of yellow teeth with teeth whitening Arlington Heights IL services.

Understand Why Stains Occur

A tooth becomes stained for a number of reasons. Turning completely yellow is the worse case scenario. This type of discoloration may occur from excessive fluoride use, drinking wine, tobacco and caffeine. Changes in your teeth‘s color also occurs with aging. As a person ages, the enamel on the teeth tends to get thinner. It leaves your teeth vulnerable to exposure from acids that come from food and drinks. These conditions can leave your teeth yellow and gray.

Ask About In Office Bleaching

People who are looking for fast results should consider a professional procedure. Dental office procedures usually use a higher concentration in their whitening agents. These procedures may include laser whitening and power bleaching.

A laser procedure uses a potent bleaching gel, which is applied to each tooth. This gel is heated with the use of the laser. Laser technology tends to speed up the bleaching process.

Power bleaching is a procedure that uses a hydrogen peroxide solution on the teeth. This solution is applied with the help of a light or laser. A rubber dam is put in place to protect your gums from this solution. After a single treatment, you usually notice a difference.

Ask About At Home Bleaching

In at home bleaching procedures, the solution is not as potent as a professional treatment. Your dentist must make a mold of your teeth. This mold creates a personalized tray for home use. Home bleaching works by applying a gel to the tray and wearing it in your mouth. Your dentist will tell you how long to wear the tray for best results.

A good oral hygiene regimen is essential for healthy teeth. If you want to make changes to your teeth, then it is time to schedule an appointment with your dentist.