The Anti-Stress Effect of Intermittent Breathing

Have you already tested several methods to overcome stress, but to no avail? Here is a proven method to fight effectively against it. Unlike other exercises, it helps you to eliminate your anxiety problems rapidly and consistently. It treats the problem by going to its source. If you want to live serenely and calmly, all you have to do is put it into practice.

How is Stress formed?

Stress is a malaise that often finds its origins in the brain. However, there are other factors that may come into play such as body tiredness and lack of physical exercise. This problem appears for several reasons. You may be involved when you are preparing for an interview or an exam. There can also be stressful situations at work or in personal life. When your brain can no longer cope with the concern, anxiety breathing and attacks can appear more easily.

Do Diaphragmatic Breathing to Stop Stressing Instantly

Breathing is crucial. This is certainly cliché but it keeps us alive. It is also at the origin of the good functioning of our body. It is then natural that it can help us overcome all forms of anxiety. Wherever you are, you will be able to practice this simple exercise. It consists of breathing gently, but deeply. Start by drawing air through the nose. To store a maximum amount of oxygen in the lungs, you must inflate the belly with each breath. Then, hold your breath for a few seconds. When you stop being able to stay in apnea in a natural way, exhale slowly while contracting your stomach as much as possible. Repeat this exercise at least 3 times a day. In this way, you will improve the functioning of both your body and mind.

Intermittent Breathing Helps Eliminate Stress Completely

It is a respiratory technique that consists in eradicating all the causes of your anxiety. It consists of temporarily and briefly blocking the breathing. It increases the volume of oxygen absorbed by the cells of the body. Intermittent breathing exercises also improve the metabolism process. It differs from diaphragmatic breathing, the first method mentioned above. It requires to breathe normally while making a few stops. It is those breaks that make the success of this exercise. The cells absorb more oxygen when they are deprived of it for a few seconds. By the way, that is why swimming is the perfect sport to battle stress and anxiety.