How to demand maintenance during pregnancy?

How to care of a pregnant women everyday

It is not that the woman is an opportunist who wants money. We must put an end to this kind of argument. It is about making sure both man and woman take responsibility as parents. Laboratories such as dnacentre support women who have been abandoned by irresponsible men and want to take legal action. These laboratories have the necessary legal permissions to perform any kinds of DNA tests and have the results admissible in court. Thanks to non invasive prenatal testing, women can determine that a man is the father of their baby as early as the 7th week of pregnancy. Why wait until the 7th week? Because it is only at that point that the baby’s DNA can be obtained using a blood sample from the mother.

The rights that the father could obtain

It is important to note that a judge will look after the best interests of the baby. In this regard, the father may also obtain rights in addition to his duties related to child support. As a mother, you should know that the judge will make this decision only if he is sure that the father is no danger to the child. It may also be the case that the father declines his parental rights. However, this will not exempt him from contributing the financial support necessary for the proper development of the child. Finally, if the judge determines that the father does not have the appropriate conditions, he may prohibit the father from executing his parental rights, including his duties. These cases are very rare and usually occur when the father is in prison with a life sentence.

You need to be very patient

When the couple can reach an agreement, the intervention of a judge is not necessary. The proceedings are usually simpler, faster, and cheaper. When the intervention of a judge is required, you should be prepared for cumbersome, costly, and time-consuming legal proceedings. Even when the judge passes a sentence, the man may refuse to comply. In these cases, the judge may send him to jail and you will not get any child support. If you are about to take legal action against your partner, you should be very patient. It is also advisable to seek the advice of a professional lawyer because if you make a mistake, the case could be thrown out of court. Some women do not decide to go to court because of this. The final decision is up to you and depends on your particular situation.