How To Make Teeth Brushing More Exciting For Your Kids

Children often do not get excited about the prospect of brushing their teeth, some even outright dislike brushing their teeth. But there are ways you can make tooth brushing more exciting for your kids.

Brush Your Teeth At The Same Time As Your Kids

Kids learn by example and by brushing your teeth at the same time as your kids you are instilling the importance of a proper oral healthcare routine. Your kids can watch you as you are brushing your teeth and learn how to brush their teeth more effectively and you can watch your kids in the process, providing additional tips on how to improve their brushing habits to ensure that they can effectively brush their teeth.

Make A Game Out Of Teeth Brushing

Making a game out of brushing your teeth could be just what your kids need to be excited about brushing their teeth, for kids under 10 you could ask your child to bring their favourite toy with them when they brush their teeth. They can brush the teeth of their toy, which can make your child feel like they are caring for their toy, this could make them understand that brushing their teeth is important for their health and that they are taking care of themselves.

For older children who know about germs, you can make a came out of trying to get rid of the most germs in their mouth by brushing their teeth. You can ask your child to brush their teeth for you to inspect after, if you notice that they haven’t brushed their teeth very well can say there are still loads of germs in their mouth and get them to brush their teeth again to get rid of the germs.

Pick A Snazzy Toothbrush

Allowing your child to pick their toothbrush can increase their willingness to brush their teeth without fuss, there are plenty of children’s toothbrushes in various colours and of various designs. Many children’s toothbrushes have cartoon characters emblazoned on them which can make brushing more exciting for children, some toothbrushes even have sound effects that are played from the toothbrush, further increasing the appeal in the eyes of a child. When considering your options when it comes to brushing your teeth why not consult your local cosmetic dentist in Leeds. Who will be able to provide you with advice on the best options for your child.

Reward Your Child For Their Efforts

If your child brushes their teeth properly you can reward them with an incentive to ensure that they continue to brush their teeth better in the future. This could be a later bedtime or you can tailor rewards specifically towards the interests of your child. Whilst at some point you will stop giving your child rewards for brushing their teeth hopefully by that point they will realise that they will be rewarded with good dental health as a result of properly brushing their teeth.

Make Sure Your Child Is Happy With Their Toothpaste

Children that are under 6 years of age should not be using adult toothpaste as this has levels of fluoride that are too high for their teeth, repeated usage of adult toothpaste to brush children’s teeth that are under 6 can lead to stains on the child’s teeth. You should also make sure you listen to your child to see if they want mint-flavoured toothpaste or not as some children do not like the taste of mint-flavoured toothpaste.


By taking part in the methods described above you can make teeth brushing less daunting and more enjoyable. For additional guidance why not contact your local dentist in Wakefield?