How to reuse cosmetic jars?

Nowadays, it is important to learn how to reuse different types of containers to reduce the amount of waste generated. The first thing to do is to separate cosmetic jars according to the material they are made of. They are usually made of plastic or glass, although on rare occasions you may come across some jars that are made of aluminum. Once classified, you will know the type of product you can put inside. Sometimes you will need other elements. If you are going to store aromatic oils, you will need a glass pipette to be able to extract just the amount you need. If you are going to store any type of powder such as ground coffee or bulk tea, you will need a plastic spoon as metal may alter the taste or smell of these products.

Type of material

You may think that all plastic containers can be reused. The reality is that it depends on the type of material. For example, plastic can be made in different ways. If you are going to store edible products, you need to make sure that the plastic is safe. Some plastics can expel chemicals that will stay in your coffee or tea. If you are using glass containers, the color of the glass plays a key role in preserving your products. Did you know that violet glass is the best choice because it blocks harmful rays of light? Choose products that use this type of material because glass is easy to clean and will help keep your organic produce fresh for longer. If you have doubts about each material, you can see below and find the code with which it was manufactured.

Ideas for reusing your containers

Once you know what you can do with each type of container, it’s time to use them. It is important to buy labels so you can identify what you keep in each container. Some labels are erasable, so you can reuse the container in many ways. For example, if the container is made of violet glass, you can store seeds, spices, aromatic oils, and even create a relaxing candle. All you have to do is buy a candle that has the scent you like and place it inside the container. Your room will be filled with a vibrant violet color that will fill you with energy. You can also make gifts for your family and friends. For example, you can create a delicious homemade sauce and share it with everyone.