Top 5 Signs That Your Testosterone is Too Low

Testosterone levels tend to decrease as men age, leading to many health complications. The fluctuation in testosterone can begin as early as 30 years and is an expected part of our lives. However, certain factors can cause a rapid and early decline of testosterone, such as obesity, anabolic steroid use, trauma, specific medication, and underlying medical condition such as cirrhosis of the liver and certain types of cancer. The good news is that it can be treated by consideringĀ [su_tooltip title=” Hormone Therapy For Men Houston TX” text=” ” position=”left” color=”#2a37ff” font_size=”15″ text_align=”right” max_width=”200″ radius=”0″ shadow=”yes”]hormone therapy for men[/su_tooltip], which an experienced and specialized healthcare provider should conduct. The HRT, through synthetic hormone replacement, can help relieve symptoms of low testosterone. It’s important to note the signs indicating low testosterone to ensure you get treatment as soon as possible. This article will explore the indications that your testosterone is too low.

Low Testosterone

Before concluding that you have low testosterone, you need to understand how testosterone works and the role it plays in men’s health. It’s crucial to note that testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. Some of the functions it’s involved in include;

  • Regulating sex drive
  • Sperm production
  • Fertility
  • Red blood cell production
  • Energy Levels
  • Maintaining bone strength
  • Mental clarity and focus

Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

The best way to know you have low testosterone is to undergo a blood test to assess your hormone. Below are some of the symptoms that might help indicate that your testosterone levels might be in decline.

  • Low Libido

Even though many factors can contribute to low libidos, such as relationship struggles, medication, and illness, it’s one of the common indications of low T. When you have a drastic drop in testosterone; it can decrease your libido. In addition, you might be experiencing other signs such as lack of energy, losing hair, and gaining weight which can indicate low testosterone levels and make you lose interest in sex.

  • Erectile Dysfunction

When you notice that it’s getting hard to get an erection and maintain it, you need to take steps to check your testosterone levels. This can be the first sign of low testosterone since getting an erection is complex psychologically and physiologically. Even though there is no conclusive evidence, researchers suspect that testosterone acts as a vasodilator, which helps boost the blood flow into your penis. When your testosterone levels are low, your blood flow will be limited, which makes your penis unable to get rigid enough for sex.

  • Memory and Concentration Difficulties

Most people often associate forgetfulness and lack of concentration with old age. However, if you are experiencing this, you must get tested to know your testosterone levels. A study has indicated that men with higher testosterone concentrations have better focus and attention than those with low testosterone. Even though there is no definitive cause-and-effect relationship of how t-level affects memory, studies still show that as men age, their t-levels decrease hence their cognitive ability.

It’s a Wrap!

It’s crucial to take these signs seriously and take testosterone levels to get the proper treatment before these symptoms worsen. Hormone replacement therapy can help improve your sex drive and solve erectile issues.