Ways to Design Your Own T-Shirt

You have probably seen more and more online stores where you can make your own t-shirts. The technology used to make them is improving a lot and you can make one in less than ten minutes. But, not everyone can do it because it requires having a designer if you want to be original or to convert a picture in a format that can be printed. There is a small difference in what big brands are doing and small companies that make their own shirts.

Knowing programs like Adobe Illustrator can help you a lot and there are many tutorials on YouTube where you can learn it. If you have a great idea, you can make custom shirts with people that have experience in selling. The industry is becoming more competitive every year so it’s becoming difficult to sell and make a brand out of your design. Multiple factors matter here and it depends on what is trending at the moment.

What Will You Represent?

There can be multiple purposes behind the design. You might have a company which logo you want to put on a shirt or it can be your favorite band. So, before you start, you need to realize why you are making it and have an idea of how it will look. The main thing would be the logo if you are looking to advertise something. Most of these shirts won’t look that special so try to make it interesting and add a mascot or something related like a meme. Only famous brands can put a logo and sell a t-shirt for top prices. Read more here.

If your idea is on the paper on in your head, you will have to find out how it will look on a shirt. Even if you put it in a program it is difficult to know if it will look that great. Make sure that they make a specimen if you are ordering one with your own design so you can know what can be changed to look better. What you put on the shirt needs to be legal so copying some famous brands can be very bad but in most cases people won’t even realize that it’s fake. This is more dangerous for online stores that have fake designs.

Color Scheme

The most obvious thing that you will think about is the color contrast when it comes to t-shirt design but even then many people make a mistake when it comes to making multi-color shirts. Your logo won’t work on every background so even when creating a logo you will need to think where it can be applied on. Avoid pastel colors like light pink, blue or yellow when using lighter shirts.

When you are using pastel colors you should use a black outline so you can highlight the logo text. Find a website where you can make your own shirt and check out what it would look like when combining colors you want. Global Colors settings in Adobe Illustrator will assist you with color schemes.

The Right Dimension

It’s easy to create a design that looks one dimensional but to add more depth to it is harder. A simple way to make it more interesting is to add a shade beneath the color you want. Make sure it is the same color so it can brighten up the design. Use programs like Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp and Adobe Photoshop to perfect the picture. Remember that it needs to be in vector form so it can be printed well.

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Designing Online

We now have programs that are implemented in websites that allow you to make your own design which they will print and send to you. It isn’t too difficult to find a website that suits you because most of them have the same options, design tools and structure. The other thing you should look at is the price of creating such a t-shirt. Test their program so you can make the decision which one is the best. You can check review websites about that certain shop to see if they are legitimate.

If you have a picture you want on the shirt, you only need to apply it and choose a background color. You need to make sure that the picture is large enough with 2,000 x 2,000 pixels. If you can’t find one, you will need to create your own which you should do with the tools you have on the website. It’s made as simple as possible so everyone can do it. Choose colors and drag the picture where you want it on the shirt. If you want to have a picture and text, use multiple layers to make it work. Read more on this page.

Always check the final design before ordering. Most of these are large orders that need to be approved before shipping. If you are ordering a large amount, make sure that you got everything right. It’s hard to get your money back if you made a mistake. You might get that with a more reputable website but it will take a long time to do so. Make sure your financial details are in place and check if there are some discounts for larger orders.

Professional Opinion

When you finish everything planned and you have your t-shirt ready for printing, you should consult with a professional designer. They usually have a different look at things and it would be best if they have experience with t-shirt design. If you plan to make an order for your business needs, you might hire a freelancer to help you with the design.

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You can find someone that is experienced and hire them for a very cheap price because a lot of freelancers are students looking to gain experience and earn a couple of bucks. You might work on bigger projects while they work on smaller so you won’t waste too much time. The market will for sure grow more in the future and you can expect that the price gets lower.